Interview Mrs Myrtle Kingston

We wish to publish an interview of the people in the park.   Our goal is to get better acquainted with our neighbours.  We would like to interview 2 or 3 persons (mostly couples) each month during the winter.     The interviews will be published on our website in the original language and also translated in French and English.     We need your help.   If you think of someone, please send us your suggestions. 

The website team.

Unit number 112 – Mrs. Myrtle Kingston

What was your profession?

I was a nurse for many years in the veterans hospital in Illinois. I have not worked since 1970 because my husband was too sick and needed my help. I was his private nurse


Where did you live before you moved to  Lake Shore Park (city, State)?

Wisconsin and then Illinois (born in Wisconsin, Milwakee)


How far away is that from here?

 From Wisconsin it is about 1700 miles


How do you get here drive or fly?

I flew but I don’t fly anymore. I owned a car but sold it a few years ago.


Do you find it hard not having a car? Not really, there are taxis and I have a lot of friends. When I want to go shopping, they take me. Larry is my friend since 1989. His mother lived here and we were friends but when she passed away, he moved here permanently. He lives on 5th Street and I live here. He takes me wherever I want to go.


I hear you go to the casino?

Yes, we do


Where is the Casino?

 We went to Brighton that is about 3 hours from here. It is easier than going to Hard Rock because the traffic is terrible.  Where is Hard Rock? In Tampa


Do you win when you go to the casinos?

Yes, sometimes and the biggest amount I won was $1200; once they gave me a jack-pot of $600 but I’m not a gambler.  We don’t go in the summer and I’m OK with that.  Larry likes to go so I go with him because he takes me where I want to go so it is 50/50.


I hear that you are a very good baker?

I love to cook and bake, cookies, banana bread

Do you have any children? No children, I was married 22 years and my husband died in 1976. So I’ve been a widow a long time. I’m a very independent woman. I’m never bored or lonesome. I can always find something to do, cook, clean, read a book, watch television, I’m always in the moment.


Did you travel to other places, if so where?

No, I did not travel much. I did go with Larry to visit my brother in Arizona once.


Do you prefer Arizona weather to Florida weather?

No I don’t, Arizona is like a sandbox (shivers!!!)


What was your favorite destination and why?

I’m not a traveller, I prefer to stay home. I don’t like the crowds.


What’s your favorite restaurant ?

Po Folks  and Bob Evans.  We do get the coupons for Po Folks, I like the fish and chicken. It is very good food. The Italian restaurant on 34th is very good, you can get a spaghetti for $7.00 and you can get as much as you want.


Have you watched any good shows/movies lately? If so which ones?

I do watch television like cooking shows and in the evening I might watch a movie or something. Otherwise, I don’t watch television. I prefer reading.


What kind of books do you like to read?

I like detective books, mystery books and I read the paper every day. You are up-to-date on Trump? I sure am.


How did you find LSP? 

My friend, Larry’s mother owned a tavern in Wisconsin. We met at her tavern and became friends. She told us that she spent her winters at LSP. When my husband passed away, Larry’s mom invited me to spend some time at Lakeshore Park. There were 3 trailers for sale: one on 3rd, one on 6th and the one that I purchased ( # 112) It belonged to Sal Lebiron ( a board member at the time). I believe I made a good purchase, the roof has a lifetime guarantee, ( never had any problems) and the share was $8000.00USD.   I am very happy with this house, it is close to the laundry and the club house. I love the people on my street. The location is just perfect.


Do you remember the monthly fees back then? 

I believe they were $58. Think about it, where would you live for $90 a month? It is very safe here. There are a lot of good people in the park.


Since when do you live here (year)?

Bought in April 1990 but moved here in June of 1990 as a permanent resident.


What was it like when you first arrived at Lakeshore? 

All the streets were here with about the same amount of trailers. So I’ve seen a lot of people come and go. When I came here ¾ of the people were Americans living full-time. There are very few people left. There was always something happening in the summer as much as in the winter. It changed over the years, people were too sick to stay, some passed away. That is 41 years ago.


Have you ever smoked?

I tried it years and years ago and did not like it.  Anyway you could not get cigarettes during the war.


What was it like during the war?

I was in Milwakee then (18-19 years old). Got a job in a factory and you could buy anything you wanted. After the depression it was good living.


Do you have a story on the park that you wish to share? 

Yes, we had a couple of men in the park that had girls coming from time to time. The girls would come in the night and leave in the morning. Some guys went back to Canada but the girls came just the same (LOL).  As an example: we would see one girl at the pool and ask who are you and the girl would answer, well I’m staying with ``Jack`` today. But I’m sorry, Jack went to Canada and the girl  replyed ``AH! He did not tell me``.  Jack was an older man living on 7th street a long time ago…he was a bad boy.


Myrtle, you are the oldest person in our park (95-January 2nd ), what are some of the most important lessons you feel you have learned over the course of your life?
Make friends and keep them, pay your bills on time. Those are the 2 important things. I could not leave here without friends. Like Priscilla next door, we’ve been friend 17-18 years and we still communicate by phone or mail when they go home. Jo Bridge and his wife are my good friends. I’ve been to there home in New York. They live on 2nd Street. I also have other friends outside the park, they take me shopping, to the doctor.


Your health is pretty good?

Yeah in our days it is pretty good.


What do you believe is the secret to a happy life? 

Eat good, and don’t worry about anything. I don’t worry about nothing.,


I hear your sister was also in the park?

Yes, she lived on 5th Street. Her name was Geraldine and her husband was Gil.  She’s was too sick to be here.  She was here for a little over 3 years but never stayed much.


Do you enjoy the activities in the park?

I used to enjoy the Bingo but I don’t anymore.  I prefer to save my money and go to the Casino In the evening I prefer to watch TV or read. I go to bed between 8h00-9h00.  I enjoy the St-Patrick’s Day stuff. I have to give credit to the Social Committee, they work hard. Linda, Barbara and Lois they are nice girls, they are very devoted.


A few months ago, I fell in the house and I have a friend on 37th Street (she could be my grand-daughter) who bought me a medical alert bracelet and one night when turning I fell out of the bed and knocked my head. I got up to go to the end of my bed and fell again and again knocked my head. I also knocked-off the phone and remembered the medical alert. When I pressed it, it rang at the central station but also rings in their home and she saw the alert and thought ``my god, that is Myrtle``. So they drove here but by that time the rescue squad had arrived. The rescue squad took the screen off my back door to get in and wheeled me out in a wheelchair. The problem was the gate was locked. Friends across the street from New York were here so they tried to get my key but could not find it. Anyhow, they got me to the emergency room, they x-rayed my elbow, my head, my shoulder, nothing was broken just bruised. I must have had a dizzy spell. They only kept me there 3-4 hours and sent me home. I could not walk, nor get out of bed, so the lady across the street came over every morning with coffee and breakfast, gave me a bath and put a diaper on me. I just couldn’t so she helped me get out of bed and go to the washroom. That Sue Anderson is a very kind, and she is a nice person. She did my laundry, bought me food 3 times a day. I’m very lucky to have good friends. 

Life is good .


Unit number 525

Mr. Joe Galvin

Mrs. Dolores (Dee Dee) Dupré, her mother came from Sorel, Canada.

What were your respective professions?

J: self-employed in the distribution business (truck driver for bakery goods like restaurants)

D: social service worker

Where do you live (city, State)?

Warwick, Rhode Island (Rhode Island is the tiniest state in the USA and is 7 hours from Montreal)

Do you have any children, grand-children? If so, how many?

J: 3 children (2 girls, 1 boy), 6 grand-children (4 girls, 2 boys), 5 great-grand-children

D: 5 children (3 girls, 2 boys), 8 grand-children (6 girls, 3 boys but sadly 1 girl passed away)

Did you travel to other places, if so where?

J: Joe spent 2 ½ years in Italy when he was in the army, went to Mexico, Canada and being a truck driver drove all over the United States

D: Spain, England, Canada (we spent our honeymoon in Montreal 20 years ago)

What’s your favorite restaurant ?

J: Miller`s I like but prefer homemade cooking. Made a Tuna Casserol once, otherwise I never cook..

D: In Warrick, my favorite restaurant is Hans a Chinese restaurant and in St-Petersburg I like Spinners. They serve the best Cocoanut Chicken.

Did you watch any good shows/movies lately? If so which one and where did you see it?

J: likes to watch old movies on TV

D: likes to watch Jeopardy but have also enjoyed Phantom of the Opera

How long is your average stay in LSP?

6 months (we like to go home whenever possible for the holidays but come right back

How do you travel to LSP (drive, plane, skateboard)?

We travel by plane unless circumstances force us to go by car.

If you drive, how long does it take? And who is the driver?

When we drive, it takes us 2 days and by plane 3 hours. John drives most of the time.

How did you find the LSP?

D: One of my sisters had a friend living in LSP. We checked it out and loved it.

What brought you to the LSP?


Since when (year)? 1996

Always stayed in the same unit? If not, how did you start?

J: First unit we bought was 116 and in 1999 moved to this one cause I wanted a bigger unit.

When were you elected on the board (year) and under which umbrella were you (ex: finance, grounds, etc...)?

J: In 2005: I was elected Secretary, in 2006: was elected Treasurer, in 2007: was elected President. It will be 10 years next February.

As President, what is your vision for the future of the LSP?

J: When I took over in 2007 the maintenance fees were $90, went through 2 financial crisis and we were able to keep it at $90 even when we put in the fence in 2010, (French Bowls ``Petanque`` court and we are going to do lots of work on the Club House. Really, just want to keep it friendly cause when everybody is friendly, it is a beautiful place. You can`t go anywhere for $90 and I want to maintain it the way it is.

Are you familiar with the internet?

J: Internet ? What is that ? (LOL, hi, hi, hi) ... Familiar, Yes

D: I use it but find myself easily lost

Are you aware that the LSP has a website? If so, how often do you visit the website?

J: I`m ashamed to say it, only visited twice but appreciated work done on it.

D: I don`t visit the site because I don`t know where it is..

Did you know that frequent updates are done on the website?

J+D: Not aware

What do you look for on the LSP website?

D: Would like to see what is going on.

Do you have a story on the park that you wish to share?

D: We have stories but don`t wish to share them (LOL !!!)

J: Did you know that on 1st Street back there, are some bunkers? Have a look inside and you will find a place to sleep and a place to store food in case of storm. The army use to utilize it when there was a storm.