Funny game

An exciting fun game is being proposed to Lake Shore residents:  

When you come back in the Fall for the 2017-18 season or anytime during the summer,  if you wish to participate, please bring or send by e-mail one or two  photographs of yourself or with your partner when you were between 10 and 40 years of age.  This could be any special occasion or even your wedding picture.  This will be a guessing game.  Residents will have to identify who, among our residents, were once so young!  Please send pictures to  These pictures will be posted at the Clubhouse.  There will be  a prize for the resident who can identify the largest number of residents from these photographs.    This  initiative is by Thérèse Busque and she will be the only one with the password to this e-mail address.
What you need to do: 

- send your pictures to Thérèse Busque at


- you can bring your picture to Thérèse Busque, unit 103 after November 15th, 2017.

Thank you