Xmas sharing


For the past 12 years, at Christmas time, Lakeshore Residents generously helped those who are not so blessed. No one can really appreciate the impact your gifts have had on struggling families. This year, your donations will assist the endeavours of CASA (Community Action Stop Abuse) in the St. Petersburg area. CASA provides 133-bed shelter to better serve families (women, children and men) who are fleeing domestic violence.

CASA officials have indicated that the special needs at the shelter are new bed pillows, wash cloths and bath towels. The Committee therefore recommends a monetary contribution for the bulk purchase of these items.

The Committee is providing envelopes for your donation. These are to be remitted by December 8th to any of the Committee members: Clems Matthys 619, Lise Bourcier 526, Louise Bourcier 108, Louise Meilleur 402 and Hectorine Léger 408 or your envelope may be deposited in the Park’s Office Mail slot, lot #816. (Note that Diane Breton 524 and Denise Yates 820 (committee members) are not in residence during the collection). Thank you for your generosity!

DEADLINE for receiving donations - December 8, 2017.