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Picnic March 2018

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Here you have the new persons in charge for the season 2018/19:

Roland Cloutier, captain

Francis De Risseaux co-captain

You see them here in front of he new boards which was totally realizedin the LSP with the collaboration of Francis De Risseaux, Michel Lachance et Normand Guillemette

Recepion and delivery of the trophies on the winners of the recent tornament 1st, 2nd and 5th of March.

For Normand Guillemettes''s pictures, click here

Can Am Shuffleboard tournament 3/10/2018

For Normand Guillemettes''s pictures, click here

Shuffle board party 2018

A nice afternoon for finishing the season of the 2 teams. Francis De Risseau was the winner of the duel with Arthur Léger. We finished with a delicious pizza/cake party. Very good organized by Monique Hardy and here coworkers.

For Normand Guillemettes''s pictures, click here

March 19th, Awards ceremony (trophies) at Beach Way

For Normand Guillemettes''s pictures, click here


Tournament on Feb 20th at Coquina Island


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received info


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