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Have a look at this, an event is coming up,                and YOU will be the STARS !!!!!!

New info about the "Cabaret Lakeshore"

Hello to all Lakeshore residents
First of all, I would like to thank all those who expressed interest in participating in this cabaret evening on Saturday February 29th and Sunday March 1st.  Looks good! There is still room to express your talents in all kinds of activities. Write to me in private or contact me. I can't wait to be there. 🤩 SuZanne suzanneall61@gmail.com 418-325-3008  

Hello everyone, I am preparing a great “Cabaret” evening for all residents of Lakeshore Park.

This can be done by singing, dancing, mimicking, a moment of humor, duet, tap, magic, storyteller, pianist, harmonicist, violinist, guitarist, master of ceremonies, lighting designer, decorator, photographer, dressmaker ... All forms of artistic expression are welcome. 

Depending on your choice, you must find your character or role, your stage name, and your costume.

Your performance must be short, e.g.: 2 songs maximum.

-The evening will take place in the month of February. Date to be determined.

-Other surprise items will be confirmed. 

-It will be a bilingual evening.

-Provide for a few practice evenings which will be determined on-site according to availability.

You have all summer to find your name, your role and/or your character, your presentation costume to arrive ultimately ready for your live appearance. 

Give yourself the opportunity to discover yourself!

I am expecting news from "y'all" with joy. 🤩

SuZanne # 208 

You can reach me at the following address: sallaire@delavoie.com and/or cell: 418-325-3008