Important reminder

In case of you don't know what to do with your leftovers, there is a center at St Petersburg, 820/819, 5th avenue N. Open Monday ---> Saturday . They collect non perished food to distribute to needy.

Lake Shore Park Residents,The Buildings and Grounds Director Raymond Guenette has the following important message for you who are packing up to leave for the summer months:

Before leaving for your homes up North please make sure your property is secure.
1. Carports must be clear of chairs, tables, flower pots, and no loose items left outside the unit..2. Remove any boats, trailers, vehicles from the back lot.3. Close awnings and lock doors, windows and sheds.4. If you leave a car in your driveway, the police require the license plate to be visible. Cars without proper license plates are subject to a $75.00 fine from the city of St. Petersburg.5. Any refrigerators left outside your unit must be securelyclosed, empty and unplugged.6. If you have recently changed locks, make sure the office has a copy for emergency purposes.7. Remember, no mothballs are permitted under and around your unit.
Safe travels and au revoir,